Last Minute of the Heidi Game!

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I have written about the Heidi Game before.  Most people already know the story, but for those that do not, here is a great video that I just found.  Bob Costas does a good job of telling the story, but I especially like the day-after apology from David Brinkley of NBC, and the fact that the end of the game (the part missed by millions) is shown.  Enjoy!


Todd Tobias (788 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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7 Responses to Last Minute of the Heidi Game!

  1. Jef Taylor says:

    Great great game… Was going to do an article on that for legendary days myself. This is one of those games I read about as a kid that made me fall in love with the game. Thanks for this…

  2. Jeff says:

    I remember vividly the moment they cut away from the game. My Dad and I were watching it together and neither of us thought much of it because, like everyone else, we thought the Jets had it in the bag.

  3. Erik says:

    I was only a year old when the game took place but read about it as a young boy. The best of this video is listening to Curt Gowdy call the action.

  4. I read about it as a kid, and I usually prefer the printed word to videos. With The Heidi Game, however, the videos truly bring it to life. These videos help me understand the magnitude of what happened.

    There’s another You Tube clip that is fascinating. I don’t remember the name of it, but next time I see it, I’m going to click “like” and add it to my collection. It alternates the football action with scenes from “Heidi,” with the music from Heidi playing in the background. It is fascinating. I know I’m repeating myself, but that video serves an excellent slice of late 1960’s American culture.

    Todd, do you know what video I’m talking about?

  5. Doug Sirotiak says:

    I remember running to my car to hear the rest of the game. I was freaking out when NBC cut from it. I loved the old AFL.

  6. Gib says:

    I was at the game and we had no idea that the tv audience was cut off. The coliseum crowd went wild that night. I have attended many Raider games and that game along with the “Sea of Hands” game against Miami are the most memorable.

  7. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    Didn’t the game continue in the Mountain, Pacific and Alaska/Hawai’i Time Zones, or could the net not be split like it can today?

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