Dickie Post came to the Chargers in 1967, and soon took over for the aging Paul Lowe in the San Diego backfield.  He had immediate success with the Chargers, and was named the AFL’s Rookie of the Year in 1967.  Soon Post was one of the most exciting backs in professional football.  His running style, as seen in the video above, was quick and darting, with constant changes in direction – similar to Barry Sanders some 20+ years later.

While Post was known for his exciting style of play, his durability was somewhat lacking.  At just 5′ 9″ and 190 lbs., he didn’t have the size to endure the constant beating that a back receives in professional football.

In a 2004 interview, Dickie Post recalled his short, but brilliant AFL career.

I played five years all together and I only had three good years.  That’s all I had, three good years.  Then after that my knees were…  I had five operations in five years.  I was worn out.  I was absolutely worn out.  They finally traded me and that was all good.  But Hell, that’s all I knew was football.  Then you have got to step away from it.  I think that’s what I wrote you on something.  But that’s just been a little part of my life.  In some ways I can’t believe that was me that did that 30 years ago.  But it was my whole life.  It was just my entire, whole damn life.  I went to college just to play football.  I went through class and everything, but Hell that’s all I was there for, just to play football.  So I made it as good as I probably could have.  It’s sort of an exciting story, but it’s just sort of a flash in the pan.  That’s about it.  But for a little kid like me from Oklahoma, to lead the league in rushing and to be mentioned in the same article as Gale Sayers…  I always thought Sayers was…  I just loved to watch him.  He says he could watch the whole damn field.  He had peripheral vision.  I am not in a class like him, but at least I got a little taste of it.  For a little kid from where I come from, just to rub shoulders with those guys.  I think I went to one all-star game.  I was elected to three of them, but I had operations and shit.  But I got play in one of them, so hey, it wasn’t a bad trip.