It seems that I have been inundated with great AFL images lately, and I love it!  This is a new one to me, and though not from the same day, it reminds me of the 1960 Patriots practice film that I posted about back in September.  This one also shows just how low-key the AFL was back in the early years.  Can you imagine a kid getting this close to an NFL practice today?

That looks like Ed Songin at quarterback, and Jimmy Colclough beginning to run a pass route.  Gino Cappelletti is bending over to pick up his helmet.  In the background…  I think that I see Ron Hall in #23 sweats, and Ross O’Hanley wearing #42?  He wore #25 in games, but the numbers on practice gear often did not correspond to their game jerseys.  Any idea who is walking next to O’Hanley?