Much like Steve Garvey did with the Padres 20 years later, Tobin Rote came to San Diego at the end of his career and made a lasting impression with post-season heroics.  Rote led the 1963 Chargers to their only AFL title, and was on his way to a repeat performance in 1964, before he headed off into pro football’s sunset.  As such, the San Diego Chargers celebrated Tobin Rote Day at their final 1964 home game, a December 13th contest against the Kansas City Chiefs.

At halftime the Chargers lauded Rote, presented he and his wife with many gifts, and listened to the old quarterback pass around thanks when it was his turn at the microphone.  Unfortunately, for Rote and the Chargers, Kansas City unloaded on San Diego, and the Chiefs rolled out of Balboa Stadium with a 49-6 victory, the box score of which cane be found HERE.

I have collected several photos of this day from a couple of different sources, and put together a new gallery dedicated to the event.

December 12, 1964 – Tobin Rote Day