Several weeks ago I posted a Hall of Fame Comparison for Otis Taylor, former Kansas City Chiefs receiver.  At 6’3″ and 215-lbs, Taylor was one of the early dominant big receivers, and he spent several years wreaking havoc among secondaries throughout AFL and later NFL.  Recently, a reader commented on a post, and included an excellent Otis Taylor highlight video in this response, which you can view above.  What impressed me the most about Taylor was not his hands or ability to catch the ball, but his quickness, speed and maneuverability after catching the ball.  For a big man, Taylor could really move.

Sadly, for years now, Otis Taylor has been suffering the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, which he was diagnosed with in 1990.  According to a lawsuit that Taylor has against the NFL,  “’He is currently bedridden, cannot verbally communicate, is unable to walk, and relies on a feeding tube for all his sustenance.'”  Taylor alleges that the NFL is legally responsible for his injuries…  ‘Taylor was once a powerful flanker, who is now severally debilitated by neurodegenerative diseases caused by numerous concussive and sub-concussive blows on the gridiron.'”