Sports memorabilia collectors come in many shapes and sizes, and consequently, so do their collections.  Since coming out with their first issue on August 16, 1954, Sports Illustrated magazine has had a dedicated following among collectors who prize SI for its wonderful covers, which typically feature fantastic imagery from the most current and important of athletic events.
SI was rather slow to dedicate a full front cover to an American Football League subject; The Chargers’ Paul Lowe and Tobin Rote shared face time on the cover from the December 16, 1963, issue, which floated the idea of a “World Series” between the AFL and NFL.
During the 1960s, there were 15 AFL covers on Sports Illustrated.  Not surprisingly, Joe Namath was feature more often than any other AFL player, with his three cover appearances in the 1960s.  Below is the list of AFL SI covers.

December 16, 1963         Paul Lowe & Tobin Rote

August 17, 1964                Don Trull

July 19, 1965                       Joe Namath

December 13, 1965         Lance Alworth

December12, 1966          Jim Nance

August 8, 1966                   Frank Emanuel

August 12, 1968                Paul Brown

December 9, 1968            Joe Namath

January 20, 1969               Joe Namath

July 14, 1969                       O.J. Simpson

August 11, 1969                Joe Namath

November 24, 1969         Kansas City Chiefs

August 25, 1969                O.J. Simpson

September 22, 1969        Jim Turner

January 19, 1970               Len Dawson