My AFL life began in 1998, when I started researching my master’s thesis on Sid Gillman.  I recall one of the first things that I did to gather information for the project was to go to the Chargers archives and the San Diego Hall of Champions, pull the “Sid Gillman” files, and photocopy everything that they contained.  This article (see below) by Sports Illustrated’s Paul Zimmerman was one of the first articles to really give me an idea of Gillman’s influence not only on the AFL, but also on the entire professional football world.

Sid Gillman was a wonder.  I met him when he was in his late 80s, and he was still reviewing film for five or six NFL teams.  In fact, I was at his home one day when he asked me to help him set up a new video machine that he had purchased to review film.  He actually knew how to set the darned thing up himself, but needed me to move a few heavy pieces of furniture so that he could run the cables.  Looking back, that was a great time, and one that I am thankful that I appreciated while it was happening, and not just in hindsight.

The article is question is called, When Sid Was Caesar, and it can be found HERE.