1963 Fleer Set Offers Key Rookie Cards; Tough Autographs

Autographed 1963 Fleer Earl Faison

I’m sure that most followers of this site have read at least once that my favorite AFL card set is 1963 Fleer.  I recently wrote an article about the set for Sports Collectors Daily, in which I briefly discussed the set, and the challenges in collecting the set in autographed form.  One bit that fans and collectors may find interesting is a link at the end of the article that features a complete checklist for the set, along with dates of death for players when appropriate.

You can read the full article, and view the checklist HERE.

Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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7 Responses to 1963 Fleer Set Offers Key Rookie Cards; Tough Autographs

  1. billd says:

    Thanks Todd. What is interesting is that Alworth is pictured in his college uniform (#22). Does anyone know why Buoniconti is pictured wearing #64 instead of #85? Thanks again.

  2. Erik says:

    The ’63 set is very nice even if they used the same picture from the ’62 set for one of my favorite players, Ernie Ladd.

  3. 0tt060-74 says:

    The 1960-1963 Fleer sets are special. I consider the 1963 Fleer set to be allmost ‘Sacred’, every bit as good as the 1965 Topps set.

  4. Chris says:

    If I had to choose one card from my signed collection as a favorite it might well be the Len Dawson rookie. Great set and article Todd.

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