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jim lee hunt

As I mentioned with the Fred Arbanas and Frank Buncom image last week, eBay has been a great source for quality, color AFL images lately.  I have picked up several, with this being one of my favorites.

Since first learning about him, I have had an interest Jim Lee “Earthquake” Hunt.  I am not exactly sure of the source of my interest; maybe it is that he had such a cool nickname – they say the ground rumbled when he rushed the quarterback.  Perhaps it is because he is one of just 20 men to play all 10 seasons of the AFL.  Or it could be that because he passed away so young (on November 22, 1975, at the age of 37), he is the least-known of the Patriots line that included Bob Dee, Larry Eisenhauer and Houston Antwine.  Regardless, Hunt is sadly overlooked by those outside of the Patriots fan base.

‘Quake looks just awesome in this image, blowing past the Oilers offensive line, shoving aside a Houston lineman with a single forearm.  I can just imagine the “oh shit” look that must have been on Ode Burrell’s face at the moment this photo was taken.  It is difficult to tell if Burrell is carrying the ball or is set up to block, but he is in for a collision, regardless.

Of course there are other details that add to the richness of the image.  Check out Billy neighbors (#73).  Is he sitting in one of Fenway Park’s dugouts?  Like other AFL stadiums, the fans were right on top of the action in the football configuration at Fenway.  Pat Patriot is shown in full splendor on the side of Nick Buoniconti’s helmet (#85), and the oil derricks on the side of the Houston helmets are classics.

This image is from a game played on November 6, 1964, which the Patriots won with a fourth-quarter field goal by Gino Cappelletti.  You can see the full box score HERE.





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  1. Eddie Arminio says:

    Todd, great picture of a great football player. Fenway Park’s football field was laid out with a goal post on the third base line and a goal post near the bullpen. Portable bleachers were put in from the third base side and continuing towards right center field. Both teams sat on the bleacher side of the field. It was actually nice and close to the field to watch the game.

  2. Look very closely at the picture…Burrell is about to accept a “draw play” handoff from the houston QB*…whose left arm is ‘flying’ backwards and right arm is extended toward burrell from behind Sid Blanks(?)…of course, directly after taking said handoff, i suspect that “Earthquake” said something along the lines of, “Register THIS!” on Burrell. (*can’t read the # on QB’s sleeve; if it’s 16, Blanda, if it’s 15, Jackie Lee)

    • Tom says:

      #46 Oilers is former Chargers Booby Jackson the pride of Palm Springs HS. Jackson was also a member of one of the finest College backfields ever at New Mexico State, together Charley Johnson, Pervis Atkins, Bob Gaiters and Jackson went undefeated 11-0.

  3. billd says:

    Great action photo. #68 for the Oilers is Tom Goode. His last career snap was in Super Bowl V for Jim O’Briens game winning kick for the Colts.

  4. Mike Garrigan says:

    Todd, Great Photo. How many bar bets have you won by asking who can name the Magical 20 who played all ten years? I learned something today because the only “Earthquake” I knew of in football was Bill “Earthquake” Enyart who played for the Buffalo Bills and had a cup of coffee with the Oakland Raiders

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