Another in a long list of rare and obscure collectible AFL issues is the 1969 Chemtoy Superballs.  Available checklists show a 26-piece complete set which features the top AFL players of the day.  The following write-up can be found in the 2010-11 Beckett Football Card Price Guide:

lance alworth superballThese little high-bouncing 1″ balls were produced by Chemtoy and featured AFL players.  The player’s picture is on the front with their name and team affiliation on the back of the paper piece inside the ball.  Since these are not numbered, we have sequenced them in alphabetical order.

1  Lance Alworth

2  Pete Beathard

3  Bobby Bell

4  Emerson Boozer

5  Nick Buoniconti

6  Billy Cannon

7  Gino Cappelletti

8  Jack Clancy

9  Larry Csonka

10  Ben Davidson

11  Len Dawson

12  Mike Garrett

13  Bob Griese

14  John Hadl

15  Jack Kemp

16  Don Maynard

17  Ron McDole

18  Ron Mix

19  Dick Post

20  Jim Otto

21  George Saimes

22  George Sauer

23  Jan Stenerud

24  Matt Snell

25  Jim Turner

26  George Webster