1969 chargers versus jets game programIn the latter half of the AFL, John Hadl and Joe Namath routinely dueled it out for top passing marks in the league.  The following poem was first published in the American Football League Pictorial of September 28, 1969, the game program for a contest between the Jets and Chargers in San Diego.  The poem is called A Tale of Two Quarterbacks, Broadway Joe and Kansas John, and shows an obvious bit of hometown favor for Kansas John.


Joe Willie Namath

autographed 1969 topps joe namath

#100 – Joe Namath

Has no knees

His Hair?

It’s long enough to tease.

He’s arrogant as all get out

And with the ladies,

Moves about.

But he can pass

And read the blitz

And pick your defense all to bits.

And what he does, the best of all,

Is dent the pride of Texas Maule


Calm John Hadl,

autographed 1969 topps john hadl

#171 – John Hadl

Kansas John.

Scores his points

With less élan.

His shoes, they’re black,

His hips protrude.

His hair recedes,

His lip is nude.

He’s Gatorade and Exer-Genie;

No Bachelors III,

Or boppers, teeny.

But if his style lacks flair and gall,

It just as deftly moves the ball.

And though conventional,

John’s throws,

They still count six,

like Broadway Joe’s.