In one of the fist posts ever on this blog, I wrote about the mistaken photographs on the 1965 Topps Larry Elkins and Rick Redman cards.  It was an odd case of mistakenly using a photo of Larry Elkins on Rick Redman’s cards.  But Elkins and Redman are not the only cases of mistaken identity on AFL cards.  In fact, they are not event he only mistakes in the 1965 Topps set.  After reading a fun piece on Mike Thomas’s Vintage Football Card Blog, I learned about a couple of more AFL errors.

1961 Fleer Goose Gonsoulin – Austin “Goose” Gonsoulin had a successful career as a defensive back with the Denver Broncos.  A rookie in 1960, his first trading cards were produced in 1961, and Gonsoulin appeared in both the Fleer and Topps sets that season.  The only problem is that Fleer somehow used a photo of Darryl Rogers on Gonsoulin’s card.  Rogers did not make the final Broncos roster, but did have a long career as a NCAA head coach.


autographed 1964 topps ray abruzzese

#022 – Ray Abruzzese

1964 Topps Ray Abruzzese – Abruzzese, a defensive back with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets from 1962-66, was pictured on his first Topps card in 1964 (he also has a 1963 Fleer card).  The only problem was that Topps mistakenly used a photo of teammate, Ed Rutkowski, on Abruzzese’s card.  The error was not corrected, and Abruzzese never did get on another Topps card.



1965 Topps Art Powell – I did know about this card prior to reading Mike Thomas’s blog, but had not previously written about it.  Powell was a dominant receiver in the early AFL.  His notoriety, however, was not enough to keep Topps from mistaking Powell for his teammate, Clem Daniels, on his 1965 Topps card.  Fortunately for Powell, he had several other cardboard issues, both Fleer and Topps.